Watch Battery model CR1632

Watch Battery for VibraLITE Mini

CR1632 3V/120mAh High-Energy Lithium Battery
Stay powered up longer.

This high-energy, coin-cell lithium battery lasts longer than silver-oxide batteries and is great for use in watches, medical devices and other electronics.


Tech Specs

Diameter: 16 millimeters
Width: 3.2 millimeters
Weight: 0.45 pounds

Battery Features:

Chemistry: Lithium

Capacity: 120 mAh

Voltage: 3 Volts

Equivalent to: Dantona LITH-34, LITH34, Duracell DL1632, DL 1632, DL-1632, Energizer CR1632, ECR1632, Fuji CR1632, I.E.C. CR1632, Maxell CR1632, Renata CR1632, CR 1632, CR-1632, Sanyo CR1632, Sony CR1632, Toshiba CR1632

Price: $2.50

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