ACCESS 4 Digital Alarm Clock


Extra Loud Adjustable Volume and Tone

Bright LED Reading Lamp

Built In Telephone Ring Signaler

Bed Shaker (optional)








Wake-Up or Be Alerted to the Telephone Ringing by:

* Flashing Light (bright LED lights)

* Audible (Extra Loud)

* Vibration (with optional Bed Shaker accessory)

* Or any combination of the above

The Perfect Solution For:
Shift Workers, “On Call” Employees,
Early Risers,
Heavy Sleepers, Hard of Hearing,
Deaf, Students,
ADHD, or Elderly

Bright LED Lamp can be set to flash to wake you up when the alarm time is activated and is also a great reading lamp.

Loud Audible Alarm up to 98dB can be adjusted for your personal needs.
Audible Alarm can be turned off so you do not disturb or awaken others. (allowing you to awake to Flashing Light or Optional Bedshaker)

Variable Tone (select low to high) Select the audible tone that works best for you.

Telephone Ring Signaler lets you know that the phone is ringing.
LED Lamp flashes with each ring of the telephone. When the optional bedshaker is connected, vibrations are sure to awaken you. Telephone Line Cord is included and easily connects between the Access and your phone jack.

Type A - 120 Volt

Type C - 230 Volt


Power Supply Included (when ordering, select the plug type and voltage that is used in your geographic area).


Optional Bed Shaker Accessory:
Have a powerful “Wake UP Call” by adding the optional Bed Shaker. Connect the Bed Shaker to the Access 4 and place it under your mattress or pillow. When the alarm time is activated or the telephone rings, strong vibrations are sure to awaken you. Using the Bed Shaker option with the audible turned off is the solution when you do not want to awaken others in the household.

12/24 Hour Clock Selector
gives the option of reading the clock time in either 12 hour or International Standard.

Snooze Button allows you to stop the alarm(s) and be alerted again every 8 minutes.

Battery Back Up uses a 9 volt battery (purchased separately) to keep the clock time and power the lamp during a power failure.

Display: Easy to Read Green Digital

Reading Lamp: Bright LED

Clock Size:
11 1/2" H X 5" W X 4" D (Light in up position)
7 1/2" H X 5" W X 4" D (Light in down position)

One Year Warranty

Approvals: CE; FCC; Ctick; ROHS

Old Price: $69.95

Price: $29.97

You save: $39.98

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