VibraLITE Mini – Q & A

How is the “Mini” different from other smaller Vibration Alarm Watches?
The “VibraLITE Mini” is the smallest, high quality, user friendly Vibration Alarm Watch available.

This is the smallest vibration alarm watch made, with the case measuring only 1.2” X 1.51” X 0.48” (30.5mm X 38.5mm X 12.3mm). It will comfortably fit the small wrists of children and is perfect for users of all ages that prefer a smaller style of watch.

You can be assured of high quality as the “Mini” is made by a company that has 15 years experience in manufacturing Vibration Alarm watches. It is backed with a One Year Warranty and has CE; RoHS and CPSIA approvals.

The Unique “User Friendly” Features include:

* Text Prompts on the display, that are easy to see and make the “Mini” a pleasure to set;

* Alert Settings (Vibration, Sound or Both) are easily and securely set in a special Option Mode;

* Button Alert setting quickly lets you confirm the alert that is set with the push of a button.

* Alert duration is 20 seconds (with an auto shut off) allowing ample time to be alerted.

* EL Light that will stay on while buttons are being pushed for easy setting in the dark

* Besides the Auto Repeat Countdown Timer, Up to 12 Daily Alarms can be set.


Other Features include:

* Lock out Setting that eliminates the chance of accidentally changing the programmed settings. (Push MODE and SET buttons at the same time while in TIME screen. Repeat to unlock.)

* Easy to Read Time Digits (4.8mm H X 3mm W)

* Accuracy per month: +/- 30 seconds

* Month/Day of Month display

* Leap Year Handling – Automatic

* Quick reset feature on the Countdown Timer will get you back to the original preset time with the push of only one button, when an interruption is necessary. (Example: voiding prior to leaving home)



How long will the Alerts be for the Countdown Timer and Alarms?
The Activated Alerts that are set (Vibrate or Sound or Both) can be manually stopped by pressing any button OR will automatically stop after 20 seconds.

Why is a sound alarm an option?
Audible alarms can be desirable to some people and often are used in combination with the vibration. The audible can also be used when a caregiver or parent wants to monitor the reminders.

Can I set just the Vibration Mode?
Yes, setting vibrate only is desirable for confidential reminders when you do not want to disturb or alert others.



What is the difference between the Countdown Timer and Daily Alarms?
The Countdown Timer is used for a reminder after an interval of time. The Auto Repeat function resets for the original amount of time every time the countdown reaches zero. Daily Alarms are preset for alerts at specific times during the day.
Can I use both the Countdown Timer and the Alarm Settings? Both the Countdown Timer and up to 12 alarms can be set.

Why would I use a Repeat Countdown Timer?
The Countdown Timer provides interval reminders as needed. Examples:
Medication Compliance – Diabetes, ADD/ADHD, Back Pain etc. ( every 4 hours, every 8 hours, every 3 hours etc.)
Medical Conditions– Bedwetting/ Incontinence ( every 2 hours, every 4 hours); Memory Impairment, ADD/ADHD (every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes)
Timing – Time Management, Position Changes, Writing Tests, Cooking, Soccer Referee, Parking Meters (can be set for any desired amount of time)

Why would I use Preset Alarms?
The Alarms provide daily reminders for specific times. Examples:
Medication Compliance – taking meds at certain times of the day, (once daily, twice daily, 3 times daily, one hour before meals, 2 hours after meals etc.) Medical Conditions -Memory Impairment, ADD/ADHD,
Weight Control – performing tasks/functions at specific times of the day.
Daily Living Routines – Reminders to Exercise, Meditate, Pick up the Kids, Wake Up etc.



What amount of time can I set on the Countdown Timer?
Countdown Timer can be set for any amount of time in Hours, Minutes and seconds (up to 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds)

Can I reset the original countdown time if an interruption requires starting the timing over?
Push and Hold the SET button and the original countdown time will reset. (Countdown time can be running or stopped)

Can I use the Countdown Timer and not have it repeat?
The Countdown Timer can easily be set to not repeat. Select REPEAT off (REP –) when setting.

Can I turn off the Countdown Timer when I don’t want the reminders?
Countdown Time can be stopped when not wanted by pushing the ST/STOP button. Pushing the button again will re-start the countdown.

Can I change the Countdown Time?
To change the Countdown Time press & hold the SET button while in the TIMER (TMR) mode.



Why have up to 12 Alarms that can be set?
Various persons have different needs for reminders. Any number of alarms can be set for your personal needs.

Will the Alarm Times remain set?
Set Alarm Times will remain set for daily alerts.

Can I shut off the alarm on days off or weekends?
Set Alarm Time can be stopped for times not wanted by pushing the Start/Stop (ST/STP) button.

Is the vibration alert powerful enough to awaken me?
Because the vibration is felt directly on the wrist, it is effective for wake up for many. More than one alarm can be set for a few minutes apart to ensure being alerted.

Does it have a Snooze Alarm?
Several Alarms can be set at short intervals (ie. 9 minutes apart) to act as a snooze alarm.



What Battery does the Mini use?
The CR1632 standard 3 volt battery is included.

What is the Life Expectancy of the battery?
Life expectancy of battery depends on how often the vibration and sound alerts and EL Light are used. Example: 5 months if 6 x Vibration & 3 x 3 second EL Daily.

How can I replace the battery?
We recommend the battery be replaced by a qualified person to maintain water resistance. The battery may be replaced by consumer providing care is taken to re-install O ring properly for water resistance.



How much does the Mini weigh? 9 oz.

What sizes of wrists with the Mini fit?
Hook & Loop Models: Blue, Black & Orange, and Pink approx. 5 ½” – 7 ¼” (14cm – 18cm).
Hook & Loop Models with Extra Small Bands: Blue, Black & Orange, and Pink approx. 4 ¾” – 5 ¾” (12cm – 14.6cm).
Black with Buckle band: approx. 4 ½” – 7 3/8” (11.5cm -18.5cm)
Purple Flower with Buckle band: approx. 4 ¾” – 7 ¼” (12cm – 18cm)

Is the Mini Waterproof?
The Mini is not waterproof but is Water Resistant to 5 ATM. This ensures resistance of penetration of water entering the case when the O-ring remains securely positioned and the crown, pushers, lens, case and gaskets remain intact. We recommend avoiding swimming while wearing the watch.