Writing Standardized Tests

Whether you are writing a SAT, LSAT, GRE, ACT, MCAT GMAT, MAT or GET etc., you are dealing with time as your greatest enemy. Students usually depend on an accurate wrist watch to keep track of the time they are spending on questions, making it necessary to spend critical time “clock watching”. Audible alarm watches are not allowed, as they would disturb others. VibraLITE® is more than an alarm watch as it will give you vibration reminders on your wrist that do not disturb others. Simply set it and forget it.

Set the Countdown Timer for the desired duration (i.e. 5 to 10 minute) and the Vibrations on the wrist will alert you to check as to where you are or to keep you from lingering too long in any one part of the test.
The Auto Repeat feature will reset and countdown for the preset amount of time each time it reaches zero. These “interval” reminders are preset once and continue to repeat until you turn the countdown OFF with a push of a button. For students who want a shorter, less distracting alerting vibration, they can shut the alarm off with a push of a button before the alert ends automatically.

Preparing for the test requires the student to set aside time(s) each day for reading to build vocabulary and to strengthen grammar and sentence construction and comprehension skills as well as other studying. VibraLITE® is an excellent tool for these daily reminders. Select a model that will provide you with the number of alarms you might need. Daily reminders for studying, being on time for classes or Appointments, Wake Up etc. are very helpful. These alarms will alert you each day at your preset times. Alarms can be turned OFF easily when not needed.