With Parkinsons disease, you have to take your medications on time and ‘on time’ means within a few minutes. A delay of even 5 minutes can cause the patient to suddenly lose the ability to move, walk, and speak. People need to pay close attention and plan accordingly. Drug treatment is prescribed to suit the individual in terms of the dosage, the form of the medication and the times the drugs are taken. A combination of different medications is often required to provide the most effective symptom control. The dose and timing of medications may need to be adjusted as symptoms change (or side effects occur) and It is common for multiple drugs to be prescribed. Wow, what a challenge.
Your challenge of keeping on track with your medications can be made easier with the help of a VibraLITE® vibration alarm watch. Vibrations on your wrist will discreetly alert you each time an alarm is activated. The alarm may also be set for audible if a caregiver also wants the reminder. Up to 12 daily alarms can be preset for specific times and will alert you each day without resetting. Using preset alarms is a very helpful reminder when medication is to be taken one hour before meals (and at least two hours after meals) to work effectively. In addition, the repeatable countdown timer can be set for any amount of time interval and will repeat each time it reaches zero. (example: three hour intervals- six times a day). This timer can be turned off with the push of a button when the daily dosage is complete.
Aside from working with your doctor on an ongoing plan primarily involving medications, one of the most important things you can do is exercise. Exercise is an important part of healthy living for everyone. However, for people with PD, exercise is not only healthy, but a vital component to maintaining balance, mobility and daily living activities. Current research indicates that exercise could actually help slow the progression of PD. There is now some preclinical evidence that when patients move and exercise that it releases dopamine within the brain, so there’s some biological evidence that it may actually have a positive symptomatic effect. It is suggested to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day and do it regularly. Select an activity that you enjoy and stick to it. Some suggestions include: gardening; walking; swimming; water aerobics; yoga; tai chi. Set a daily alarm on VibraLITE® to remind you to do the activity and set the countdown timer to alert you when the time is up.
Note: You should check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program