Being in pain can be very hard on both your body and your emotions. Therefore, you need to do everything necessary to help for the best quality of life. In addition to keeping you comfortable, if your pain is controlled properly, you will be able to move and walk around more, participate in recommended therapies and rest comfortably. VibraLITE® vibration alarm watches will help you by giving discreet reminders for medication compliance, exercise and relaxation.
Medication can play a crucial role in controlling pain. It is important for you to take the dose that your doctor ordered at the proper times. Set your VibraLITE® watch to remind you to take medications at these scheduled times. The vibrations on your wrist will alert you without disturbing others. Self-regulating your doses or adjusting your times can cause dangerous side effects from over medicating. Check with your health care provider if adjustments are needed and your VibraLITE® can be easily reset for you to comply.
If you are taking pain medication on an “as-needed” basis, some authorities recommend that you take it regularly and before your pain becomes severe. If you wait until the pain gets really bad, it will be much harder to get back under control and you may end up needing higher doses just to manage it. Stick to a set schedule even if you are only a little bit uncomfortable and your pain will be managed better. Example: If dosage schedule is every 4 hours, set the Auto Repeat Countdown Timer on VibraLITE® for 4 hours and each time the countdown reaches zero you will know it is time to take the medication and you won’t wait until the pain has gotten out of control.

While millions of us take OTC medicine once daily for Osteoarthritis, few pay much attention to the time of day we take it. Osteoarthritis patients are likely to find their joint pain is worst in the afternoon, according to a recent study. The researchers concluded that the optimal time for taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen would be around noon to mid-afternoon, so that it takes effect as symptoms begin to build up. Set an alarm on your VibraLITE® watch to alert you that it is the right time for your daily medication.

Get help with pain management in natural way by using tapes or Guided Imagery as a form of focused relaxation. A Relaxation Program coaches you in creating calm, peaceful images in your mind and can be a “mental escape” from your pain. It is recommended that you do this Relaxation exercise twice daily. Set 2 Daily Alarms on your VibraLITE® to remind you. You can get relaxation tapes at bookstores, or you can rent CDs from your library.
Exercise is another natural way to cope with pain. It is indispensable for all pain patients. It has a variety of effects on your body that helps block pain. Exercise boosts the output of endorphins which are substances your body produces to fight pain. Exercise increases the brain’s supply of serotonin. Serotonin is a substance that aids the flexibility of blood vessels. When blood vessels are flexible, they are less likely to cause painful irritation. Serotonin also improves your mood. (When you are in a good mood, pain feels better than when you are in a bad mood). Serotonin also fights pain in the brain by blocking the brain’s perception of pain. Serotonin also helps regulate your sleep cycles. If you are in pain, it is important to get enough sleep so your body can properly combat the pain. It is recommended to do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, nearly every day. Note: You should always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. Set an alarm on your VibraLITE® to remind you to do your daily exercise. Using the countdown timer is an easy way to ensure you finish your allotted time.

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