High Noise Levels often make it impossible to hear an audible alarm. High Noise Levels often occur while enjoying Recreation or when in a Job Placement. Regardless of the noise you need to know when to perform a task, time a procedure, take a break or lunch, take medication etc. Help is available by using the VibraLITE® vibration alarm watch with auto repeat countdown timer. Vibrations on your wrist alert and remind you as often as you need them even when an audible alarm cannot be heard.

Set the Countdown Timer for the required amount of time (i.e. every 20 minutes to perform a task.) The Auto-Repeat Feature on the Countdown Timer will automatically reset and countdown for the preset time each time it reaches zero. These “interval” reminders are preset once and continue to repeat until you turn the countdown OFF with a push of a button.

Alarms can be set for daily reminders (i.e. Medication time, break time, keeping on schedule.) These alarms will alert you each day at your preset times. Alarms can be turned OFF easily when not wanted.

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