In order for Tongue Thrust Therapy Program to be successful, it is necessary for the patient to do the exercises on a daily basis that they are taught by the Speech-Language Pathologist. After the patient can perform the taught exercises accurately in the therapy room, they are required to do their homework which will involve a series of these exercises. This homework is an essential part of the Remediation Program.

Reminders to do the different exercises for the designated number of times daily are easily available with the VibraLITE® vibration alarm watch. Alarms can be set for the times of day to do the specific exercises. The Countdown timer can be used to monitor the period of time that the exercise is to be done or for keeping track of the number of times the exercise has been completed.

The patient can use the auto repeat feature on the Countdown Timer to assess the position of the tongue in the resting position and if they need to put it back into the correct position. The Countdown Timer can be set for as often as every 2 – 5 minutes for this purpose and allows cuing without having to be focused on the tongue. Alarms on VibraLITE® can also be set to “check” their tongue position at various times of the day.