Behavior Modification

In the effort to change behavior and teach acceptable behavior, Positive and Negative Reinforcement is used. VibraLITE® watch is a tool that is there to help you be consistent with timing and alerting. Use it to be reminded to maintain established routines/structure, for timing “chilling out periods” or timing removal of privileges.
Often we are so busy that we need to be reminded to spend daily quality time with the person that we are working with as part of the program. VibraLITE® will give you all the reminders that you need. The benefit of vibration alarms allows you to be reminded without alerting anyone else if you wish to select the vibration alarm feature rather than the audible alarm.

Set the Countdown Timer for the recommended duration of the “time out” and the Vibrations on the wrist will alert you that this consequence is finished. The preset time will remain stored using the Auto Repeat Feature and can be used again for that preset “time out” period at a later time as required with no need to reset the original time. When removal of privileges is necessary as a consequence, using the countdown timer makes it easy to know when the amount of time is up. (i.e. Minutes of play time, TV Time, Video Time that are taken away) By using this simple way of keeping track of time, you won’t need to keep on watching the clock.

You can preset alarms for daily reminders such as the reminder to take that special time for spending quality time with the person you are working with. Other alarms can be preset for any reminders during the day that you may need. (i.e. wake up, snooze, appointments, being on time, etc.)