If you are living with Back Pain you need all the help you can get.

Your “VibraLITE®” watch will be there to help you with reminders for Exercise, Medication(s), Ice and/or Heat Applications, Timing sitting duration and even reminders to help with Losing Weight.
Often we are so busy that we don’t take care of our backs by doing what is good for them. “VibraLITE®” will give you the reminders that you need. The benefit of vibration alarms allows you to be reminded without alerting or disturbing anyone else.

Set the Auto Repeat Countdown Timer for 20 minutes and be reminded to take the pressure off your spine by interrupting prolonged sitting. Stand up, Stretch or take a brief break.

Need to time Ice Application? Simply set the Countdown for the 15 or 20 minute duration and you won’t need to keep on watching the clock.

Time your daily exercise routine. Fast walking, cycling or stretching is good for your back, so don’t cut the routine short.

Alarms set for daily reminders help ensure regulating your Drug Therapy, remind you of your exercise start time and to eat at regular intervals to help with weight control.

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