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 How is the “Global 360” different from other alarm clocks?
The “Global 360” has the added feature of a Countdown Timer that can be set for any amount of minutes and or hours (up to 23 hours, 59 minutes. )

The small size and lightweight of the “Global 360” makes it an excellent and powerful Travel Alarm.
It also includes Universal Adapter Plugs for International Travel and Use Everywhere.

Life expectancy of the” battery back- up” is approximately 2 years. The CR2032 disc battery is included and will keep the clock time running and keep the preset times for alarm and countdown while clock is packed for travel or when there is a power outage.


Why would I use a Countdown Timer?
Use for Personal Reminders for: 
Medication Compliance (examples: every 4 hours, every 8 hours, every 3 hours etc.)
Bedwetting/ Incontinence (examples: every 2 hours, every 4 hours)
Infant Feedings  (examples: every 3 hours, every 4 hours)
Care Givers (examples: every hour, every 2 hours)
Monitoring  (examples: every hour, every 30 minutes)

Timed Naps (set for any desired amount of time)


What amount of time can I set on the Countdown Timer?
Countdown Timer can be set for Hours and Minutes up to 23 hours and 59 minutes.

Can I turn off the Countdown Timer if I don’t want it to repeat?
The Countdown Timer can easily be turned off by pressing the START/STOP button while in the TIMER mode.

Can I turn off the Countdown Timer when I don’t want the reminders?
Countdown Time can be stopped when not wanted with ALARM/COUNTDOWN TIMER switch.

Can I change the Countdown Time?
To change the Countdown Time press the SET button while in the TIMER mode and use the HOUR and MINUTE buttons to select any desired amount of time.

Can I use the Countdown Timer and the Alarm Clock?
Both the Countdown Timer and Alarm Clock can be set.  The Countdown Timer provides interval reminders as needed and the Alarm Clock provides a daily reminder for a preset time.


Can I use the “Global 360” anywhere in the world?
The “Global 360” has a switching DC power adapter that will operate on voltages from 100 –240 to accommodate different Electrical requirements in different countries.

Universal plugs are also supplied to convert to the type of electrical plug needed for the geographical area you live in or travel to.

The built in “Auto Detect” Circuit for 50/60 Hz will automatically detect the correct frequency and operate the clock in the correct mode for keeping accurate time.

How much does the clock and bedshaker weigh?
The “Global 360” complete with clock, bedshaker, power supply and adapters weight is less than 1 lb. or .4536 kg
(15.5 oz or .439.425 kg)


How long will the Alarm Clock Alert continue to run?
The Alerts that are set (VIBRATE, AUDIBLE or BOTH) will run for approximately 20 minutes before automatically stopping.  Activated alerts can be manually stopped by pressing the START/STOP button.

Will the Alarm Time remain set?
Set Alarm Time will remain set for daily alerts.

Can I shut off the alarm on days off or weekends?
Set Alarm Time can be stopped for days not wanted with ALARM/COUNTDOWN TIMER switch.

Does it have a Battery Back Up in the event of a power failure?
The CR2032 disc battery is included and will keep the clock time running and keep the preset times for alarm and countdown while clock is packed for travel or when there is a power outage.  Life expectancy of battery is 2 years.

Is the bedshaker powerful enough to awaken me?
The pulse vibration is effective and the 12 volt power is strong enough to place the bedshaker under the mattress.

Is the cord on the bedshaker long enough to reach a chest of drawers that is not right beside the bed?
The bedshaker cord is 9 ½ ft. long.

Does it have a Snooze Alarm?
The Snooze feature will allow interruption of the alarm for approximately 9 minutes.  This can be repeated as often as desired.


Why is audible alarm an option?
Audible alarms can be desirable to awaken some people and often are used in combination with the vibration. The audible can also be used for countdown daytime reminders. (when a person is not sleeping)

How loud is the audible?
The Loud position measures 90 – 95 dB at the sound source.
The Soft position measures 65 – 75 dB at the sound source.

Can I set just the Vibrate Mode?
Yes, setting the vibrate only mode is desirable when you do not want to disturb others.

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