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Global Assistive launches new vibration alarm clock for 2012

“GLOBAL 360” is manufactured by GLOBAL ASSISTIVE DEVICES INC. for people with special needs for wake up and offers the unique feature of an Auto Repeat Countdown Timer that can be set for up to 23 hours and 59 minutes. This repeat feature is the answer for reminders during sleep for bedwetting, medications, baby feeding, caregiving, monitoring.

The GLOBAL 360” Digital Alarm Clock gives the user a compact alarm clock with options of Variable Loudness, Vibration with no Audible (perfect when not wanting to wake other household members) or both Audible and Vibration. The companion bedshaker is included and is placed under the mattress or pillow to awake you by strong vibrations. The user can select a 12 or 24 hour time format.

The “GLOBAL 360is designed for International use. It has switching DC power adapter that will operate on voltages from 100 –240 to accommodate different Electrical requirements in different countries. The built in “Auto Detect” Circuit for 50/60 Hz will automatically detect the correct frequency and operate the clock in the correct mode for keeping accurate time. Universal plugs are also supplied to convert to the type of electrical plug needed for the geographical area you live in or travel to. At home or travelling, you can benefit with the features of this great alarm clock/countdown timer.

The Red LED display is bright and easy to read with contrasting colored icons for quick detection of Alarm On, PM On and Countdown Timer indicators. (Alarm On indicator is Blue; PM On indicator is Yellow; Countdown Timer Indicator is Green)