Having a deaf child was the wake up call that inspired us to find help for our son and in turn help others. In 1989 Global Assistive Devices was incorporated with a sincere and personal interest to help persons with special needs. With a deep understanding and genuine caring, the first products manufactured were designed to assist those with hearing loss. As the company expanded and the product range grew, consumers made us aware how our assistive devices could help countless others. It is so rewarding to provide tools to persons that are dealing with various physical and medical conditions. We make their daily lives a little easier and “provide the best products at the best prices and ensure consumer satisfaction through product warranties and friendly customer service.”

Year by year, product by product, model by model, Global has grown and we are proud to have distributors worldwide. This is the realization of our dream of so many years ago when we named the company “Global”.

Check out our product line and when you order you will be assured that you are dealing with a company that still deeply understands and genuinely cares about our customer’s special needs.