Vibrations on your wrist alert you when you cannot hear an audible alarm or when you prefer discreet reminders that don’t alert others. Use the alarm settings for Variable Reminders and the Countdown Timer for Interval Reminders. This is the easy solution for staying on track for medication compliance, medical conditions, tasks, time management, wake up and more. Models available for every age and every need.

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A bright flashing light will let you “See the knock at the Door” of the room that you are in. The Vibration of the knock on the door activates the built in LED lights in the unit. You can avoid missing that important knock at the door because of a noisy environment or due to a hearing loss. Great for use in the bathroom, bedroom, hotel room, cruise ship cabin, dormitory or office.

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Our Alarm Clocks have special features to awaken you. Select flashing light, vibrating bedshaker, extra loud, variable tone, silent option (so you don’t disturb others). Models available in analog or digital, for worldwide use, for travel, battery operated, with built in Telephone Ring Signaler, with built in Repeatable Countdown Timer. Our Bedshakers will shake you awake. Connected to a signaling/alerting device and placed under the mattress or pillow the vibrations will alert you when they are activated. All have an automatic thermal shut off and reset for safe operation.

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